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Product Details:
Product Length: 0.39 inches
Product Width: 0.39 inches
Product Height: 0.39 inches
Package Length: 5.47 inches
Package Width: 4.17 inches
Package Height: 0.75 inches
Package Weight: 0.12 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 10 customer reviews )
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4You need an advanced cooling system to run it!Jan 30, 2008
By Sahra Badou "Bibliophile"
The Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor X6800 is the fastest Intel processor as of the end of 2007. It is 2.93 GHz; 1066 MHz FSB; and 4 MB L2 Cache. It is much faster and more stable than the fastest AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) CPU.

I bought the X6800 for my games computer. I call it games computer because I only use it to play games, specifically Microsoft Flight Simulator and its many add-ons. However, it completely messed up my computer. Let me explain why.

The chip warms up pretty quickly--we are talking temperatures of up to 90 degrees Celsius! That's how hot it got to be in my computer. My ASUS motherboard comes with temperature probe software, so I was easily able to measure this temperature. When such high temperatures are reached, my computer automatically shuts down to protect itself--a nice feature, but one that will eventually corrupt your Windows software. After several unannounced shutdowns, my Windows software became corrupt and I was no longer able to boot-in into Windows. I had to do a system restore! Thank God I had just backed-up my computer the day before.

Don't make the same mistake I did. In order to run the Intel X6800, you need to have a very sophisticated cooling system in your computer case. I actually have 6 fans in there, but that was not enough. I have a fan on each of my two Nvidia graphics cards; one over the CPU; one on the power box, and two fans, one on each end of the case. All 6 fans were not enough to prevent the internal temperature of the case to reach the high 70s Celsius. Within seconds my computer would shut down.

You need to buy a case with liquid cooling, and many are available for purchase on the web. A good website is frozencpu. be aware also that the hotter a chip becomes, the slower it will work. With a god cooling system you will get the optimum performance out of the X6800.

Also be aware that not all motherboards will run the Intel X6800 (LGA775). Check with your manufacturer first. You either will have to upgrade your BIOS or buy a new motherboard.

The X6800 will be great for gaming if you have a good computer case with an advanced cooling system.

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5Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800May 24, 2011
By Philip
I am 100% satisfied with the purchase in every way. I received from the retailer exactly what they advertised, and the the condition they advertised, "used, mint condition". It has worked perfectly from the date I installed it. And all this for a fraction of the price($175)it was originally issued,new,from Intel($1000-$1400), depending upon the retailer. I needed this particular processor for the older Intel Motherboard I own, the 975XBX2. And also, and just as importatntly, I have always been 100% satisfied with any merchandice that I have purchased from Amazon, because Amazon regulates and insures customer satisfaction with items purchased via Amazon.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5exactly as described if I would of payed better attentionJan 13, 2012
By Thomas L. Deborba "LoneWolf{FMJ}"
Exactly as described. The proc worked perfectly. It wasn't a quad core which is what I was looking for. I missed the fact that it was a duo, due to my own fault. After installing it, I then realized I made a boo-boo and asked to return it. I was offered a discount to keep it and made a counter offer and he graciously accepted. I then built another computer using this proc and spare parts I had and went out and bought and then donated it to a local retirement facility for the retirees to use for emails and surfing. Highly recommend this guy for future purchases.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great CPUSep 12, 2012
By ColoRich
Fast CPU - Very High Bus/Core Ratio - Great upgrade for older Core 2 motherboards - Easy to install - Proper cooling is important

5Great buy for Dell XPS 410/Dimension 9200Feb 17, 2015
By gargamel314
I bought a used one of these in an effort to overhaul my aging Dell XPS 410. I jumped from 2.13 GHz (dual-core) to 2.94 GHz (quad-core), and WHAT A DIFFERENCE. Everything is lightning fast, and my Windows Experience Index jumped from 5.3 to 7.2. Not worth $1600, but for the $94 I paid for it, it was an awesome buy. For those worried about overheating, I used Arctic Silver 5 on this with the stock heatsink that came with my system, and it idles between 27 and 33 degrees, and maxes out at around 39. My case has 2 fans in it, and a heatsink that I would guess is a little better than the stock one that comes with this.

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